The Ascendancy of China in American Culture

Few people would disagree that the last two years have changed American society more than any entire generation in our country’s history. In my opinion, that includes the decades of the Great Depression and World War II, events which disrupted countless individual lives. Today, however, we’re reinventing society on a break-neck pace to look more like… communist China. And this is succeeding to the point that every part of America, including the government, education, science and engineering, medical, and the private sector are adopting the Chinese model.

In part, this is because communist movements like Black Lives Matter have consciously adopted ideas invented by Chairman Mao for the deadly and destructive Cultural Revolution. Struggle sessions (what Mao called them) are now explicitly pushed into corporate “diversity training” exercises by BLM activists, under the threat of severe repercussions should a corporation decline to push their demands. The same kind of thing has been pushed into the armed services by the BLM activists working in the Biden Administration, and shows signs of being extended to every three-letter agency in the Federal Government. It’s also no secret that the BLM-promoted philosophy called “Critical Race Theory” is now being taught across the nation, including materials from the professionally discredited, but Pulitzer Prize-winning “1619 Project,” which creates an alternative propaganda history to replace actual historical fact. Ex-Soviet emigres easily recognize the rewriting of the past as a distinctly totalitarian Marxist ambition, with horror.

It’s a well-known axiom, attributable to one of the founders of Enlightenment thought, that if you want to learn who rules over you, just look for the people you aren’t allowed to criticize. And, on this front too, we’ve had a year and a half of western broadcast, print, and social media doing its best to suppress all criticism of China around the COVID-19 pandemic. Mega-corporations like Facebook have enthusiastically blocked even private communication containing such criticism; mentioning that COVID-19 might have originated in a Chinese laboratory was grounds for getting you thrown off of Facebook permanently for an entire year. This is a penalty way beyond the lame excuse often given that FB was simply trying to prevent “misinformation”. But even before that, China successfully pressured many American corporations and media to withdraw any and all content that China found objectionable. Disney was forced to publicly grovel for producing a film that was critical of the CCP, in 1998, and since then, no such films have been produced at all in Hollywood. Even considering such a film would likely get the producer and director labeled a racist, and blacklisted. Clearly, this has been going on for a very long time.

We are now at the point that even the US government protects and defends China from criticism. A very reasonable action early in the pandemic, shutting down air travel to China, elicited many reactions, from denunciations that this policy was fundamentally racism (Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi), to claims that COVID-19 couldn’t be spread from person to person (WHO, under Chinese direction). The world-wide media pushed all of these narratives as if they were fact.

It took overwhelming evidence being circulated outside of the usual propaganda channels to get the people who rule over us to even allow the truth to be mentioned. This is not the way a healthy society works. This is the way life is behind the Great Firewall.

It is also no secret that one of our major political parties, the “Democratic” Party, openly covets a CCP-like governance model where they are the only game in town. Single-party systems exist in several states, after all, so why not at the federal level? The first step to realizing that vision, and the first thing that any true dictator will do to cement his power, is to declare his opposition to be criminals, and turn the criminal justice system against any and all supporters of that opposition. Isn’t that what we are seeing still playing out in the aftermath of the so-called “insurrection” on January 6th, 2021? It is being called “deadly” by the DNC-controlled media, despite the fact that the only “insurrection”-related casualty was an unarmed woman stuck in a window being shot at point-blank range, and despite the fact that the people involved were unarmed.

The people running the “Democratic” Party insist on this narrative for one reason and one reason alone: they wish to portray the Republican Party as a bunch of criminals. You can see this clearly when they threaten major Republican figures like Texas Senator Ted Cruz with prosecution for sedition – simply because he called for an investigation of an election. This happened. Senator Josh Hawley got the same treatment for the same reason. The only people who fear an investigation are those for whom the truth would be inconvenient. But even more to the point, these threats were intended to show America that one of their political parties was deserved of being labeled a terrorist organization – something Biden’s rhetoric just last week attempted to further. Expect more developments soon.

It used to be the case that America rejected the communist single-party model overwhelmingly. I believe they still do. But it is not something we can now know with certainty, because China apologists control our flow of information, and they shape what we hear and what we learn. They are not friends of America, either the idea or the implementation thereof. Quite the reverse. If the old axiom is correct, China rules us.

Karl Wright

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I am a long-time software engineer, with wide-ranging interests including music, the sciences, politics, economics, and medicine. I've been active for a decade in the open-source community and I work for a major mapping company.


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