Day in and day out, I’m informed that America’s leftists (they are not liberals, and I shall no longer soil that word by association) are not Marxist, or communists, or old-school socialists, or even fascists.

Day in and day out, I’m scolded about asserting that the likes of Bernie Sanders, The Squad, and a passel of activists do not have illiberal ideas about liberty, and that I’m being excessively hyperbolic or histrionic when I claim that the Left is working double time to poison the American stew with Marxism.

Day in and day out, I’m mocked and derided for pointing out that Critical Race Theory is born of a Marxist school of thought, that its advocates reject all the fundamentals of Western liberalism, and that it teaches a whole lot more than America’s race history.

We have a party that calls itself the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), a party whose platform includes the elimination of the corporate form in favor of “social ownership” of companies. This euphemism masks an admitted truth: the State will own businesses that required capital investment (show me one that doesn’t).

Then, there’s Black Lives Matter (the organization), led by some self-professed Marxists.

But, no, there’s no need to fear that Marxism is part of the plan, despite all this.

And despite all the protestations to the contrary, we bear witness to the either tacit or overt support for communist and socialist thuggery. The DSA infamously voiced its support for Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, despite all the horrors inflicted on the Venezuelan people across the past two decades.

Now, the DSA, in the wake of massive anti-communism protests in Cuba, has chosen to voice support for the “Revolution,” i.e. the Communist regime that’s being protested. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Squad opted to blame America for Cuba’s economic plight rather than voicing support for those demanding liberty. Senator Bernie Sanders, who has a long history of praising Cuba’s communists, took his sweet ass time to say anything, and then blamed the trade embargo.

All these leftists and many more were screaming bloody murder about government thuggery during the Black Lives Matter protests, of course. But, when it comes to brown lives suffering under communist jackboots? It’s America’s fault.

The final insult (for now) has to be Washington DC erasing the words “CUBA LIBRE” that had been painted on a street in front of the Cuban embassy, offering the flimsy excuse that it was “unauthorized.” Tone-deaf much?

For the record, I’ve long believed that the embargo on Cuba has done more harm than good. But, it is farcical to think that lack of trade with one nation – the rest of the world freely trades with Cuba with China, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Russia, and Italy among her big trading partners. And, lest we forget, Cuba was a client state of the Soviet Union for decades. Our embargo isn’t what’s keeping Cubans in poverty, nor is it oppressing them and abridging their fundamental rights and liberties.

The deafening silence from the Left tells us what we already know – that they’re supporters of socialism even in its thug form, that they don’t care about people who aren’t likely to support their illiberal views, and that only Some Lives Matter.

As Orwell told us, “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” They don’t even pretend that this isn’t their belief any more. Race agitators like Ibram X. Kendi inform us that the only remedy for past discrimination is now-and-forever discrimination. CRT seeks to teach children to judge others by the color of their skin. Identity politics seeks to eliminate the sovereignty of the individual as a cornerstone of our society, in favor of a hierarchical structure where the most oppressed groups (not individuals, groups – woe befall those who don’t conform to their identities’ mandated views) are given coercive power over all those below them.

When only approved protest messaging is permitted to exist, the idea that we are a free country becomes a sick joke.

After the Iron Curtain fell, Eastern Europeans flocked to America’s shores, seeking not only to escape the misery of collectivist society, but to embrace the liberties fundamental to Western culture. Including not only speech, religion, the Press, assembly, and the various protections for the accused, but capitalism and free markets as well. You’re not going to find many of these people pining for the new order promised by the DSA, the CRT crowd, the woke, Bernie, the Squad, and the rest of the progressive vanguard that’s trying to tear us apart.

I’d patriate all those Cuban protestors, just as I’d have patriated all the Hong Kong protestors. These are people who understand the importance of liberty, who want to be capitalists, and who’d fit into the fabric of American society. Don’t count on any of our socialists to support such an idea.

Peter Venetoklis

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