Every day in America, about 11,000 people celebrate their 18th birthday.

That means that, every day in America, about 11,000 people reach voting age.

An oft-quoted adage notes,

If you’re not a socialist before you’re twenty-five, you have no heart; if you are a socialist after twenty-five, you have no brain.

Many political observers and lovers of liberty lament that socialism in its various forms continues to persist, despite it having been tried in every conceivable form and set of circumstances, and despite it having tallied a body count so horrifically enormous as to beggar the imagination. The reason for this persistence is encapsulated in the second sentence of this essay.

Every day in America, about 11,000 fresh fools enter the voting population. Certainly, not all of them will have fallen prey to the evil beast socialism, but the aforementioned adage, backed up by the long history of socialistic roots among the young (i.e. the college and university crowd), shows us why socialism hasn’t suffered the long-overdue death it so richly deserves.

Educating socialistic idiocy out of the heads of the young is a forever task. The widely-attributed observation,

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty

affirms that sad truth.

Peter Venetoklis

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