The American Rescue Plan: $1,900,000,000,000.

The American Jobs Plan: $2,300,000,000,000.

The American Families Plan: $1,800,000,000,000.

One hundred days. Six trillion dollars. Biden promised big things, and boy, has he delivered. Not one, but three colossal tax-and-spend packages, named by marketing mavens who don’t give the slightest hoo-hah about honesty or accuracy, costing the taxpayers a million Steve Austins.

His supporters applaud his boldness, while the rest of us are staggered by his arrogance. Or, perhaps, the arrogance of his inner circle of advisors, who some presume are puppet-mastering a man who never showed any inclination to the leftist agenda he’s now wholeheartedly pitching during his nigh-on 50 years in elected office.

His grotesquely misnamed “plans” might as well be of the Soviet five-year variety, given how they essentially declare that the only way America prospers is via government spending and control. His infrastructure plan, for one, spends less than 6% of its total outlay on infrastructure, as Senator Tim Scott helpfully pointed out, and is instead about pork, bacon, lard, payola, and decades of pent-up liberal fantasies.

His promise to be a uniter is totally belied by his behaviors – behaviors learned from his former boss, President Obama. Obama’s version of bipartisanship amounted to “I won, so sit down, shut up, and sign off on whatever I do,” and “if you behave, I won’t call you names.” Seriously – that’s how the ObamaCare debate transacted, and but for the death of Senator Ted Kennedy and the election of Republican Scott Brown on his promise to oppose ACA, would have been the blue print for the entire first two-year span of Obama’s tenure. This partisanship and over-reach got his party’s teeth kicked in at the first mid-term election, something that I’m sure is on the minds of all the Democratic leaders as they press this wild agenda at break-neck speed.

It’s not just about the money, either.

A combination of lingering Trump Derangement Syndrome, wherein they attempt not only to undo everything Trump did out of continued outrage at the temerity of his victory, but to erase him from history, and sniveling obeisance to the loons of the Democratic Socialists of America and their Twitter-mob, have produced a social agenda that is tearing the nation apart.

“Defund the Police,” we were told, was a metaphor, but those who demand it literally continue unabated, as do their violent and destructive protests.

Critical Race Theory, a repackaging of the ideology that murdered over a hundred million people last century, and literally teaches racism, is being pushed into schools. The fruits of that philosophy are already at hand: GOP Senator Tim Scott was greeted with “Uncle Tim” epithets so prevalent that they trended on Twitter (and Twitter further showed its agenda in the lackadaisical 11 hours it took them to act). The Left demonstrably wants a racist America, no matter how they try to spin things otherwise, to prove themselves correct and justify their raging hatred of their fellow citizens.

The rights and liberties the Left doesn’t like: free speech, religion, press, guns, and private property, are under attack, and they’re willing to disrupt and debase the Supreme Court to ensure their agenda isn’t checked by any Constitutional limit.

The mania to be anti-Trump is surely part of the reason for the utter abdication of any semblance of order at the southern border, precipitating a humanitarian crisis that’d be plastered daily on every front page were it Trump in the White House.

Coupled with the staggering spending, which, no matter what the Modern Monetary Theory farce says, will devalue the dollar (the skyrocketing price of building materials suggests that inflation might already be here) and erode the lifetime accruals of wealth of every citizen who’s worked, saved, and invested, and with a plan to tax the bejeezus out of whatever wealth remains after that devaluation, and one might think that they actually want the nation to lapse into decline and senescence.

The entire agenda appears designed to sow division, distrust, resentment, and animosity – on both sides of the aisle.

For the careerists, as I’ve noted repeatedly, it’s about power and OPM. Most of these ‘plans’ are about buying votes and paying those in favor, for their past and future support and to tip the scales their way. They may succeed, and the 2022 mid-term elections will be the telltale, but it’s more likely that they’ll lose at least the House, and they probably know it. No matter – gridlock will cement their current initiatives into permanence, and they can go back to screaming “Obstructionism!!” at the Republicans (When they opposed the President’s agenda it was ‘Resistance!’).

The true enemies of the nation and its core principles, though, are the ones who want all this to actually break the nation. For close to a century, Marxist progressives have sought to tear down the basic premises of individual liberty and the right to live the life one chooses, in favor of their collectivist ideology. They’ve failed several times, but each failure leaves behind elements to be leveraged for the next attempt. This time, though, they might actually succeed.

You break it, you own it,” is a reality of daily life, but what good is owning something that’s broken? Perhaps the Left might think about that.

Peter Venetoklis

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