A few years ago, the popular political narrative was all about Russia, Russia, Russia. Meanwhile, Trump warned us all of China.

Turned out, despite the urge that many have to simply gainsay anything that came out of his mouth, Trump was right. China has proven to be a ‘bad actor’ on the international stage.

While I’ve taken issue with Trump’s responses and policies toward China, I can, today, say that it’d be a good idea for the incoming administration to remain China-wary rather than become China-philic. Biden et al could make a bold first move that would signal that intention, loudly and publicly, and let Xi Jinping know he’s not going to just sit idly by while China continues its ways. Ways that include the crushing of liberty in what used to be one of the freest places on the planet.

That move?

Open the borders (as the Democrats have been loudly demanding) to every citizen of Hong Kong who wants to emigrate to the United States, as many, including free marketeer Ben Powell and committed lefty Matthew Yglesias, (as well as UK PM Boris Johnson for his country) proposed last spring.

Hong Kong has long been one of the freest economies in the world, and its citizens have overwhelmingly shown a love for the purportedly Western values of liberty. Moreso, they’re educated, entrepreneurial, skilled, productive, and motivated – exactly the sorts of people that Charles Koch meant when he said

I would let anybody in who will make the country better

Many conservatives and Trumpists, falsely buying into a zero-sum belief regarding immigration, have resisted and argued against a robust immigration policy. Their cross-the-aisle counterparts, at least some thinking about partisan advantage rather than the general good of the country, put forth the opposite notion, i.e. one of wanton and unchecked open borders and the elimination of ICE. Opening the floodgates to Hong Kong should, at least partially, appeal to both those constituencies, along with the rest of us who believe that ‘good immigration’ is good for the country in general.

More importantly, it’s the right thing to do, and it’d be a big thumb in Xi’s eye. That’d be a good way for Biden to start his term.

Peter Venetoklis

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