A few months ago, the New York Post ran a series of stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop and its contents. Twitter decided that this was not to be shared across its platform, and suspended the Post’s account. Only a rank partisan would imagine that Twitter did this out of some journalistic integrity rather than as part of an effort to put a thumb on the electoral scales. And, of course, when CEO Jack Dorsey “admitted” it was a mistake, the ship had long since sailed.

Social Media is at it again.

The Post ran a story about how one of the BLM (the organization) founders had bought several million dollar residential properties. Facebook reportedly blocked the sharing of the story, supposedly because her lawyers asserted that the story put her at risk.

More likely, she didn’t care for having her hypocrisy exposed. After all, an avowed Marxist should not be engaging in materialistic/capitalistic behaviors, no? Of course, the gag is that all these socialists expect to be at the top of the food chain when the glorious revolution happens, not amongst the miserable peons, but that’s its own story.

Whenever something like this happens, the Right gets wildly agitated, and calls for Big Government to drop the hammer on Big Tech. The irony of the purportedly smaller government side of the political aisle calling for more intervention is ho-hum to us libertarians, because we see the Right as being just as statist as the Left on a number of issues, but again, that’s its own story.

The matter at hand at the moment is – what exactly are Zuck and Dorsey thinking is going to happen down the road? Do they actually believe that the Democrats, their minions in the Press, and their abettors in Big Tech, are going to establish a permanent majority? Do they think that America will go from two parties to The Party, wherein the opposition will remain forever in minority and be subjected to Putinesque quashing and jack-boots?

Are they that arrogant?

Nothing is forever, and there will come a day when the Republicans, no matter how hard the Democrats try to alter the rulebook, will return to majority.

When they do, it’s likely not going to be the sorts of Republicans that libertarians and Goldwater conservatives would be happy with, but rather the populist and America-first types that elevated Trump to office. And they’re going to be hungry for payback.

If Big Tech continues to try and curate the free flow of information and stifle the marketplace of ideas, it’s virtually begging the Right to beat it down and smash it up. And, while the principled part of me won’t like it, I’ll say “you brought it on yourselves” and devote my libertarian energies elsewhere.

The same holds for the radicals pulling the Democratic Party leftward. Do they really think that they can succeed in packing the Court, eliminating the Electoral College, taking control of the voting process, and imposing a socialistic-green agenda on the nation without inducing enough voter ire to lose their majorities? They barely won this past election, despite massive assistance from the Untethered Orange Id (whose antics certainly contributed to the GOP losses in Georgia and the sliver-thin Senate majority, for one thing). They lost seats in the House, and won the Presidency with a margin far to small to be deemed any sort of mandate, yet they’re running amok with an agenda that totally belies the selling point that Biden is a moderate who’d run a bipartisan government.

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