Three weeks ago, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s top aide, secretary to the governor Melissa DeRosa, had an “oops” moment, wherein she confessed to something that many of us already knew: that there were not only thousands of deaths attributable to a colossally stupid COVID-19 policy instituted by Cuomo regarding the elderly and nursing homes, but that Cuomo et al were doing their best to bury that reality and hide the numbers.

Now we learn that they actually rewrote reports in furtherance of this coverup. Again, this is my shocked face.

For months since the onset of the pandemic, Cuomo has been a cause celebre and an exemplar of “Best-and-Brightest” leadership in the eyes of Democrats, liberals, and leftists. He was held high as a contrast to the purported failures of the Untethered Orange Id, was feted with an Emmy Award for his news conferences, and had his self-congratulatory book elevated to best-seller status. This persisted even as the nursing home debacle became known, with his adorers in the press and on the Left either lalala fingers-in-ears ignoring it all, or concocting excuses, deflections, and rationalizations.

Then came the “betrayal.” Attorney General Letitia James, who was forced to bend the knee by Cuomo during her run for that office, apparently decided it was payback time. Her office released a damning report, one that, given she is a Democrat and a black woman, would be extremely difficult for the Left to ignore. Those gears started turning. Slowly.

The pressure led to DeRosa’s being grilled by Democratic state lawmakers, wherein she fessed up to what we all knew/suspected.

And, yet, the outrage didn’t elevate to where it should have. Tongues were clucked, distance was increased, tempered and carefully worded “concerns” were voiced, but few on the Left screamed for his head on a platter as they would have were he not one of them.

No, thousands of dead grannies weren’t enough to break the Cuomo-adulation trance.

It took a #Metoo moment.

As of the writing of this article, three women have come forth with allegations of sexual harassment, some of it physical by Cuomo. Two worked for him, a third crossed paths with him at her wedding.

NOW, people on the Left are calling for his resignation. NOW, his money people and other allies are more overtly distancing themselves. NOW, the left-leaning news is actually reporting on it all.

Cuomo, true to his nature, first tried to control all this by personally choosing who’d investigate him. That didn’t fly. Then, he put forth a quarter-baked non-apology, a la “I’m sorry if you were offended by my joking around.” That didn’t fly either. He elevated his apology to half-baked status, denied any inappropriate contact (despite some damning photographic evidence), and declared he won’t resign with some highfalutin rhetoric about voters and politicians.

We’ll see how that pans out.

Of course hypocrisy is on prominent display. All the wild rhetoric aimed at Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings by prominent Democrats stands in stark contrast to the screaming silence and mealy-mouthing from those same rhetoriticians, including both NY Senators. But, even apart from their double standards, we should be outraged that it is the sex harassment scandal, not the elderly body count, that prompted demands for resignation.

Number me among those who believe he should resign. For the nursing home scandal – for both his colossal blunder and his arrogant cover-up. As to the harassment allegations, I believe them, but I am not a juror. He should be afforded the due process he and his ilk casually denied others. But, if he were a man of any moral standing, and given what he’s admitted to so far, a resignation for that matter would be proper, as well. Alas, he’s a politician, and a colossally arrogant one at that. All he cares about is salvaging his future.

Peter Venetoklis

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