Being an Internet political warrior, I’ve accrued a number of virtual friends and acquaintances (a subset of whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting ‘IRL,’ as the kids say). Among them are a sheaf of never-Trump conservatives who’ve declared support for and intent to vote for the Biden/Harris ticket (and let’s be real, voting for Biden is accepting the likelihood of President Harris).

When presented with the sheaf of policies that Biden/Harris are promising, along with their histories in public office – or in particular the aggressive progressivism of those policies, they assure me that “they’re not going to do all that.”

That assurance is born either of a belief in Congressional inertia/dilution, a “they’re overpromising as politicians usually do,” or a combination of the two. So, when Biden and Harris put forth an agenda that is well to the left of Obama’s, when we read a platform that appears written for the socialists rather than the centrists, and when their rhetoric is that of leftist dreams, we’re supposed to discount its destructiveness and presume that they’re going to be sane and reasonable, as opposed to the bitter partisan rancor of our current time.

Consider, though, what a Biden/Harris victory would mean and entail:

  • It would very likely be a single-party rule of the federal government. The Houses is certain to stay blue, and a Democratic win at the top will very likely drag the Senate with it. Thus, we’d have not a Republican President and Senate and a Democratic House, as we do now, ensuring that either nothing gets done or that whatever does is filtered through both parties’ priorities, but a true-Blue White House and Capitol Hill, tempered only by a Supreme Court that could very possibly, if it got too uppity, be threatened, FDR-style, into obeisance. Given that we’ve seen Chief Justice Roberts bend the knee to the politics of the day, I’d expect SCOTUS to be cowed by the terrible Tetrad of Biden, Harris, Schumer, and Pelosi. Single-party rule in an era of hyperpartisanship strikes me as a really bad idea.

  • It would validate every dirty trick, every lie, every subversive act, and every abuse of power that has emerged from the Democrats’ camp and the DC lifers in their relentless and obsessive desire to undo the outcome of the 2016 election. The precedent would be terrible, and those already drunk with power and scornful of their duty to the Constitution and the electorate would be invigorated to continue in their contempt for us.

  • It would also validate the rank and dishonest partisanship of the press. The Fourth Estate, already well-established as a propaganda machine for the Left and willing to push every salacious story that casts Trump in a bad light, truth notwithstanding, would do absolutely nothing to expose excesses, corruption, shady dealings, or bad outcomes from the policies and actions to emerge from true-Blue DC.

  • It would further embolden the cancelniks on Twitter and other social media, who’ve fulfilled every Orwellian warning about leftism’s totalitarian tendencies.

So, my fears of a Biden victory tally up before I even consider the veracity or probability of their plans and promises.

As for what they’d actually do?

Choosing not to believe their promises and proposals can go one of two ways: either you don’t think they’ll be able to pull them off, or you think they won’t actually try to accomplish that which they promised.

The first – that they won’t be able to achieve their promised agenda, is possible. And, if I had good confidence that the Senate would remain GOP, I’d probably root for the gridlock and a chance at a seemly President in 2024. But, I don’t. If Biden wins, he’s taking the Senate with him. And, as I already noted, a fully-in-charge Democratic Party, drunk in its sleazy take-down of the Orange One and ready to abandon the filibuster entirely to push its agenda, is quite apt to run amok, and that includes “packing” the Supreme Court in order to neuter its ability to tell them “no.”

The second? That’s just wishful thinking. Harris has a voting record to the left of Bernie Sanders, and I see absolutely no reason to believe that Biden will flip the script and stand against the left flank whose agenda he’s embraced.

Peter Venetoklis

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